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Emblazoned on a street art wall, commissioned especially for the front cover of Issue 2 of our award-winning 'Leading' magazine, the QuoLux™ brand has its roots in Latin and means 'whither the light' - providing light in a certain direction for others to follow, which is what leaders do.

QuoLux™ is a world-leading digital learning, blended learning and in-person leadership development company, with a purpose to #InspireBelief within leaders at all levels in organisations. QuoLux™ enables leaders to acquire the skills and develop their confidence to become the best they can be and in turn to coach and develop people in their organisations to be the best they can be.

We know how hard life can be when you’re in charge of a business, running a department or managing a team. It takes a special type of person to take on so much responsibility and develop the range of skills needed to be successful – a task that at times may seem impossible.

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Providing business leaders with the support they need

Why should leaders struggle alone when they can gain from each other’s experience and knowledge or from specialist insight? Our aim is to provide business leaders, like you, with the support you need, in-person and on-line, to develop your skills, the skills of your people and improve your business’ prospects.

Founded over a decade ago, QuoLux™ is a family business with offices in Gloucestershire, UK and Salvador, Brazil. All facilitators are qualified coaches with a wealth of experience in successfully leading and growing businesses in home and international markets. We work with CEOs, Managing Directors, Board directors, senior managers and middle managers, right the way through to people in first-line management roles. We help leaders to develop their organisations and leadership at all levels to introduce a shared language and consistent approach.

Dr Stewart Barnes

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Stewart is a high achieving, leadership development program creator and facilitator, business coach & mentor, entrepreneur, CEO, author, non-executive director, Visiting Fellow and former main board director of a £100 million, multi-national, multi-site, family owned company. Specialist in transforming businesses into highly profitable companies that lead their market segments, Stewart has a PhD in developing self-belief and confidence in leaders of small and medium-sized business (SMEs).

Rachael Ramos


Rachael is an owner manager and director of SME businesses in the UK and overseas. A qualified coach and mentor, her facilitation experience has proven invaluable in helping leaders build up self-belief and gain the practical skills they need to develop themselves and their business. Rachael is Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning Leading magazine published by QuoLux™, in which leaders share their personal insights and real-life stories of their leadership learning.

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Jo Draper, Quolux™
Jo Draper


As a qualified and skilled coach, mentor, train-the-trainer and facilitator, Jo creates personal and tailored programs and courses for senior management and middle management, and ensures that clients' business development needs are identified, prioritised and met.
Jo is highly motivated and effective, and dovetails her 15 years’ experience in the Professional Services sector leading cross-functional teams with her commercial directorship and Trustee position of a charity.

Keeley Witts

Head of Operations

Building on her extensive experience as a former paralegal, as well as providing administrative support within the team and to all delegates and alumni, Keeley works on the operational side of digital marketing and sales. As a delegate of the company’s own LEADlight program, Keeley carried out her Action Planning project on Purpose and what this means for QuoLux™ and what it means for clients; she presented her findings to the QuoLux™ Board, which played a major part in shaping the company's purpose. As office manager Keeley is also responsible for Sustainability performance and working towards the company's ‘Zero to Landfill’ goal.

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