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#Inspire Belief

Our purpose is to #InspireBelief in everything we do. Effective leadership is about increasing your self-belief to positively act and say, “Yes, I can”. It’s about inspiring belief in your team, providing them with a sense of purpose allowing colleagues to go further than they thought possible giving them their voice to say, “Yes, we can”.

This gives you the skills & confidence to deal with organisational change.


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Achieve your personal and business goals

  • Develop Yourself
    Develop Yourself

    To be the best you can be

  • Develop Your Teams
    Develop Your Teams

    To be the best they can be

  • Develop Your Org
    Develop Your Organisation

    Improve your business performance and a step change in the morale, commitment and initiative of your people at all levels

  • Earth 1681722
    Doing Good in your Community

    Inspire change to make the world a better place

How we can help you, your team and your organisation

Leadership can make or break a company, but it’s often lonely at the top. Your problems can seem unique. Experience tells us otherwise. We consistently find the same challenges occurring across organisations in all sectors. Customers, competition, cash, employees and the environment are key factors facing every company, and leaders have to take a considered approach to address these elements and make the right decisions to lead and manage effectively.

Our in-person and online leadership and management programs LEAD™, GOLD™, GAIN™, LEADlight and Q+ bring owner-managers, directors and managers together into trusted learning groups. Learning together among peers is powerful; it’s something our clients tell us they value most. For those who want to, they can also work towards an MBA in running their own company. We encourage leaders to consider how their organisations can positively impact all stakeholders, the wider community and the planet. We call that Good Dividends – a value we hold dear and a business model that is integrated into all our programs.

We offer a bespoke service through DO - Developing your Organisation. With DO, we can work with you and your people in-person, online or in a hybrid mixture of both. Our QuoLux™ Leadership Centre has been specially created to access courses online, whether you want to learn on your own or with your colleagues in your organisation. You can choose to receive the support of a qualified and experienced coach to talk through how to apply your learning.

With DO, you can benefit from our undivided attention: a critical friend in the boardroom, questioning and supporting the leadership team on business planning, strategy and developing the organisation. Coaching and mentoring support is available individually, in small groups or with teams. 

We also have a subscription service to our extensive e-learning library of How-To guides and digital tools such as Making A Difference (MAD) ideas management system that drives continuous improvement, YourView employee engagement survey, a shorter PULSE workplace survey and self-awareness activities.

Our promise is that we will share with you practical tools, techniques and approaches that will help you to think deeply about your own development, developing your teams and developing your organisation. We will encourage you to reflect and apply your learning so that you make a difference in how you lead and influence others.

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How we’ll develop your leadership, management and teamworking skills

Ico Virtual
On-line or In-Person

Flexible approach for inquiring minds

Ico Self Directed

Taking responsibility for your own development

For All Levels
For All Levels

Developing leaders, managers and people in teams

Bite Sized

With How-To range and online courses

Ico Peer Peer

Learning with and from like-minded people


Learning from the workplace for work

Icon Awesome Brain
Critical thinking

Focusing, thinking deeply & reflecting

Problem solving

Practical tools, techniques and approaches

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Quantifiable results

Improvements to self, relationships & business

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