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Blog 27.02.2024

How To Have an Effective One to One Meeting

As leaders we know that building trust in the workplace is essential for developing rapport, building relationships and improving teamwork and performance. And a key tool for building trust is…

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The Endurance Stuck In Pack Ice

One of Britain's Greatest Ever Leaders

On the 5th January 1922, one of Britain’s greatest ever leaders sadly passed away, and although he lived in an era over one hundred years ago, the lessons of his unwavering leadership are still as relevant today as they were then.…

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How to Build an Effective Team

The People Analytics team at Google spent two years studying over 180 teams to work out what makes teams effective and the results provide valuable insight for leaders and managers who are keen to get the best from their team(s). They found five factors that are essential for a high-performing team.…

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Leader As Coach Blog

Leader as Coach

The ‘Leader as a Coach’ is an approach that we encourage in across all of our programs and it is an expression that describes a leader who encourages people ‘to be the best that they can be’. If you’re looking to develop or improve your coaching skills, here are three ways that you can become a better coach.…

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Engaging, Inspiring And Motivating

Engaging, Inspiring and Motivating Others

Unlocking sustained employee engagement is crucial for organisational success, and here we explore four key drivers - Strategic Narrative, Engaging Leaders, Employee Voice, and Integrity - that collaboratively create an environment where employees aren't just present but actively engaged, propelling the organisation towards success. …

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Far Sighted Vision Blog

Far-Sighted Vision

The ability of an organisation to attract, develop, and retain exceptional talent can be the determining factor between flourishing and floundering. Research indicates that employee engagement, defined as bringing one's best and full self to work, is not merely a 'nice-to-have' but a critical business imperative.…

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Being Resolute Blog

Being Resolute

As another new year begins, it is customary to make a list of resolutions; all the ‘bad’ habits we’re going to break and the ‘good’ new behaviours we intend to adopt. Often though, our best intentions have lapsed by Burns Night.  Instead of resolutions, we invite leaders to consider what it means to be resolute. …

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Fast Growth Leadership Blog (1)

Fast-growth Leadership

Every business faces its own leadership challenges. But for growing SMEs these can feel particularly acute. Intense periods of change can leave fast-growing companies ricocheting from one new…

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