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The value in keeping your leadership learning fresh. 


True value: Reason to do LEAD+

Our on-going mission is to support business leaders to be the best that they can be. Having invested in LEAD™at their graduation we recommend to the Alumni to be watchful that they do not let their learning tail off. The value in keeping their leadership learning fresh is priceless.  

Adults learn by reflecting on experiences and applying that learning. Our Alumni have a toolbox from LEAD™ of models, techniques and approaches that can help them develop themselves, their teams and their organisations on an on-going basis. These ‘tools’ require continual sharpening to remain as effective as they can be. Sometimes a timely reminder of what is in the toolbox is all that is required. 

What is LEAD+? 

LEAD+ is a membership program for graduates of LEAD™. Designed for the Alumni, LEAD+ provides the space for LEAD™ graduates to keep their leadership learning fresh and meet with peers from different cohorts, extending their professional networks. 

Once again, they can do that in the company of people who have been through LEAD™ and whose thoughts and experiences they value. 

Peers meet every few months in each other’s companies to take time out from their busy day to stop, reflect and ‘work on’ the real-life opportunities and challenges that they face. They provide feedback to the host company on what they observe during the visit. This generates many ideas and insights which the host can consider to improve their business. Each member of the group receives coaching from the other members in an action learning format. This supports the member being coached to solve their issues while at the same time helping the other members to resolve their own challenges. 

A diagnostic framework allows the Alumni to benchmark their year-on-year progressAll have access to ‘The Forum’ – a confidential online space where private discussions can continue and resources are shared. 

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