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Cotteswold Dairy

Sector: Food & Drink | Turnover: >£15m | Established: 1938
Employees: 150+ employees | Website: www.cotteswold-dairy.co.uk

In 1938, Harry Workman founded Cotteswold Dairy Ltd when it was just a 30 gallon milk round. Harry grew the business by adhering to a strict policy of real service to the customer and top quality products.

Today, these values are still at the forefront of the business and it is because of this that they are thriving as an independent, 3rd generation family owned dairy in a very competitive market place.

The business is now managed by George Workman, Harry's grandson and employs over 400 staff and continues to employ many of the Workman family as well as several generations of other families.

Working with local dairy farmers means they are able to supply the highest quality milk and dairy produce direct to doorsteps, wholesalers and retailers across a vast distribution area.

Whilst the main depot and head office is situated in Tewkesbury, they have four other depots they operate from in order to get their products to a wide range of customers.  In North Wales, Cotteswold Dairy produce and supply a Welsh brand, which means all the milk is sourced from their Welsh farms. From Shrewsbury they serve some of mid-Wales with the brand and then Shropshire and the surrounding area with our Cotteswold milk and products. The newly acquired Hereford depot serves mainly semi-retail customers in Hereford and the surrounding areas. The Cheltenham depot serves mainly retail and doorstep customers. Whilst there may be different locations they work closely together as a team being able to supply much of Wales and many parts of England.


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