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International Centre for Birds of Prey - ICBP

Sector: Charity | Turnover: < £0.5m | Established: 1966
Employees: <10 employees | Website: https://www.icbp.org/

ICBP is now the oldest dedicated bird of prey centre in the world; it has the largest and most successful breeding collection of Falconiformes and Strigiformes (diurnal or day flying birds of prey and owls) and is most respected in the ornithological and scientific world of raptors.  Its long-term conservation work is second to no other raptor centre worldwide.

2015 saw The International Centre for Birds of Prey become a charity.  This came after nearly fifty years of being owned and run by one family. By becoming a charity it is hoped that the future of the centre is secured and give what has been and is one of the most important collections of birds of prey will continue to thrive.

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