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Sector: Food & Drink | Turnover: £5m - £15m | Established: 2007
Employees: 50-149 employees | Website: https://www.pulsin.co.uk

First generation family business founded by Simon Ashburner and two friends from University in 2007, Pulsin create and produce healthy, nutritious food including protein powders and snack bars. In 2016 they launched their first range aimed at children and over a quarter of their turnover comes from export. Their stockists include Holland & Barrett, Amazon, Whole Foods, Sainsburys and Tescos.

What Pulsin say about LEAD™

Simon Ashburner
Managing Director, Pulsin

Situational Leadership has been hugely transformational in my ability to lead and manage the team. I must practise more before I become the effective leader that I want to be. One thing I have learnt from the Shadowing and Exchange part of LEAD™ is the power of having a clear vision that is communicated well throughout the business. People seem so much happier, productive and collaborative when they are all working towards achieving a shared vision.

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