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Taylor & Taylor Care

Sector: Professional Services | Turnover: £5m - £15m | Established: 2003
Employees: 150+ employees | Website: https://www.banburyheightsnursing.co.uk/

Taylor & Taylor Care have been providing high-quality care since 2003, with most of their residents being local to the Banbury area.

Offering person-centred care to every person that lives here in the home, they ensure that the care each resident receives is completely tailored to their needs and wishes. They look at physical health and medical requirements, and also, equally important, well-being and happiness.

What Taylor & Taylor Care say about LEAD™

Warren Canicon
COO, Taylor & Taylor Care

LEAD™ has enabled me to understand myself and how to become a better leader. It has really helped me to explore my leadership practice – before coming on the course I would have told myself "I’ve been doing well for years" but now I believe I can do better and know how to get there in a more efficient, effective and purposeful way.

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