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Your Eco

Sector: Construction & Building Materials | Turnover: £0.5m - £5m | Established: 2016
Employees: <10 employees | Website: https://www.yourecouk.com

Renewable energy company Your Eco are passionate about playing their part in creating a greener and more sustainable future with the installation of solar power systems for property-owners and businesses across the West of England region.

When they're not in the UK installing solar systems to support the transition to clean energy, they are working internationally delivering social impact on sustainable development projects.

What Your Eco say about LEAD™

Nick Spicer
Managing Director, Your Eco

LEAD™ came at the perfect time for myself and afforded me the space and environment to not only develop myself but in turn my business. The peer support was invaluable and this is something that has been maintained to great effect to date. The program has been a catalyst for positive change and has been my own personal springboard to achieving success. If in doubt, do LEAD™. You won't have any reservations.

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