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360 Feedback tools provide individuals, teams, and managers the opportunity to understand what they’re doing well and where they can improve.

By receiving feedback from multiple perspectives, 360 Feedback deliver an insight into personal and team performance, areas of strength for further development and opportunities to improve.

Feedback that improves performance

A set of up to four digital tools are available all enabled to ensure anonymity of all participants and configured to expedite the capture and analysis process. ​

Completed surveys are analysed using: ​

  • bespoke tools developed by QuoLux™ for the process ​
  • experimental artificial general intelligence (AGI) tools to help summarise the qualitative comments
  • manual analysis of the anonymous quantitative and quantitative data ​

The results from one or more surveys are compiled into a personal report, which includes advice on areas of personal and professional development.

These 4 DigiTools can either be used on their own or in combination to provide a richer view of how a person leads with anonymous reports containing suggestions to improve.

  • Wrench Solid
    Stop – Start – Continue DigiTool

    provides a simple and powerful way to obtain feedback. Send the link, your colleagues answer 3 short questions, the DigiTool then assembles a report, we send it back and you consider the actionable points.

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    Peer Review DigiTool

    helps you to uncover insights from people who know you to build on your strengths, consider areas for improvement and score you against 4 key factors in the world of work: people skills, technical competence, customer focus and company focus. When completed, the DigiTool then assembles a report, we send it back and you consider the findings.

  • Wrench Solid
    Leading a Team Enterprise DigiTool

    is available in two forms – for colleagues to complete and for self-analysis. 30 questions cover 10 key factors that improve the culture of the workplace. Spidergrams and tables reveal scoring and a gap analysis which is discussed with suggested areas of development in a final report.

  • Wrench Solid
    All 4 360 Feedback DigiTools

    are available in a bundle for use provide a continuous feedback loop to improve performance.

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