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Planning2Win is an online simulation designed specifically for small-medium sized businesses to help business leaders, managers and staff gain a better understanding of business planning and market strategy.   

With 70% of companies not having a business plan, Planning2Win provides an opportunity for companies to learn how to out-perform their competitors. 

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What is Planning2Win?

Six individuals or teams compete against each other in the guise of competing legal firms, tasked to make the most profit for their business. Each individual / team represents an existing company that has its own strategy, business plan, and profit and loss account. First, they must continue implementing the existing business plan, before moving on to making their own decisions based on available market data, analysis of their own performance and competitor analysis. In the simulation, business leaders and their managers and key staff members can experiment, risk-free, with strategies to achieve competitive advantage in a virtual world. 

There are five decision-making rounds typically played over six months. In addition, facilitated feedback sessions are available from an experienced QuoLux™ facilitator. 

Business Planning Skills

Understanding market strategy is one of the most important skills of an effective business leader.  

The objective of Planning2Win is to introduce some of the language of strategic marketing as well as tools and techniques that participants can use to help them in their own business.  All of the planning templates are also available to keep, for use back ‘in the real world’. 

During the decision rounds, individuals / teams can develop, practise and hone their market strategy skills including identifying “why clients buy”, “what are attractive markets” and “where best to compete”, as well as making better decisions. 

Participants have an authentic learning experience in the area of market segmentation, business strategy and financial analysis. 

Feedback Sessions

Monthly feedback sessions are also available in which an experienced QuoLux™ facilitator provides support to the individuals/teams, encouraging them to think about what they have learnt during each decision-making round and how to apply that learning to themselves, their team, their department and their business. 

Each participant of the simulation receives a Certificate of Completion.

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  • Develop Your Teams
    Inter & Intra-company competition
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    Retain all business templates for own use

The benefits of Planning2Win for individuals 

  • Develop understanding of business planning language  
  • Learn numerous new tools, techniques and approaches to use in the workplace 
  • Develop the ability to work collaboratively through mutual support, feedback and awareness of group dynamics 
  • Increased confidence in delivering the strategic plan 
  • Reflecting on key learning after each round develops personal and professional continuous improvement 
  • Learn from others’ experiences in the group 
  • See the effect of your decisions in a risk-free environment 
  • Accelerated performance through experiential learning 

The benefits of Planning2Win for the organisation include: 

  • Mirrors real business challenges 
  • Greater organisational and team performance 
  • Support for senior leaders in building an empowered, high-performing organisation 
  • Managers and staff skilled in delivering the business’ strategic plan with a better understanding of the wider strategic picture 
  • Improve retention and development of the most talented managers and staff 
  • Promote continuous professional development 
  • Add an element of competitive challenge and fun across your organisation by engaging management, teams, staff and departments 

Develop Skills In

Business planning
Market penetration
New services
Market extension
Organisational skills
Leading teams
Critical thinking

What Our Clients Say

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Develop Your Strategic Planning Skills

If you are interested in Planning2Win, either to play within your company, or against other organisations, get in touch below and we'll share how you and your business could benefit.


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