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Effectively Leading People

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Your leadership style is your preferred pattern of behaviour that you exhibit when you attempt to influence the activities of people. Others can see your leadership style when they see you in action. But how aware are you of the style of leadership you typically use?

The Effectively Leading People DigiTool allows you to assess your own leadership in terms of preferred style and your effectiveness at using four different styles in a series of work-based scenarios by selecting actions that closest matches the way you would behave.

You can use the Effectively Leading People DigiTool with leaders across your organisation and in interviews as you look to recruit new managers and leaders. Results from the tool can be included in people’s personal development plans to improve their approach to more effectively leading others and transforming how companies lead.

Effectively Leading People is the cornerstone of building an engaged organisation.


  • 70% of the culture comes from leadership
  • 25% of the performance comes from culture


There is a direct link between effective leadership and developing a high performance culture.

It is vital for leaders at all levels to be aware of their ELP scores and what they need to do to be more effective in the workplace.

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