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Effectively Leading Teams

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Time after time, in industry after industry, teams have proven their value in achieving goals and driving performance. The Effectively Leading Teams course provides models, approaches and ways of working that will dramatically increase a leader’s and manager’s knowledge of leading their teams towards achieving high performance by developing the teams and team members to be the best that they can be.


Who is this course for?

This is a course for leaders and managers, from CEO to first-line supervision, who wish to effectively lead teams better by understanding teams and teamwork, building the team and balancing the team by appreciating who will do what and why people act and behave in the way that they do.

The course then focuses on creating a healthy team culture including how to delegate responsibility so that the team members are empowered to make better decisions. The course concludes with the 10 routines that become habits that develop and maintain teamwork.

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Course Details

1 Welcome to the Effectively Leading Teams course

Welcome to the Effectively Leading Teams course

User Guide

Role of Reflection

2 Module 1 : Teams & Teamwork in Organisations - Balancing the Team


1. Teams in Organisations

2. What is a team and teamwork

3. Types of teams

4. Balanced Teams model

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3 Module 2 : Building the team – who will do what and why


1. Stages of Teamwork

2. Effectively Leading Teams model

3. Balancing the Task-Team-Individual

4. Five aspects in teamwork

5. Ladder to the Moon

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4 Module 3: Team environment - Building a healthy culture


1. Accountability & responsibility

2. Decision making

3. Six steps to an empowered organisation

4. Self-managing teams

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5 Module 4 : 7 Habits of Effective Team Dynamics


1. Closing the Communication gap

2. Running effective meetings

3. Coping with conflict

4. Problem solving

5. Creating a conveyor belt of talent

6. Reward and recognition - where to focus

7. Housekeeping: 5S

Developing & maintaining teamwork

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6 Conclusion



If you want to reflect on your learning in the context of your work with one of our expert coaches, you can choose to add 4 online coaching sessions of 1 hour each per month for the duration of the course.

With such flexibility, you can choose the best option for your learning and development, as well as the most convenient payment option. All prices are shown inclusive of VAT.

For more information you can get in touch with us hereor choose one of the payment options below to get started now.

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