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Good Dividends Business Planning System

Essentials in Being Purpose-Led

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Businesses have the potential to be the greatest mechanism on the planet to enhance humanity, if it can galvanise purpose-led leadership to generate Good Dividends for all their stakeholders.

Society needs more from businesses. Creating a future by going beyond ‘business as usual’ and developing a purpose is of paramount importance for all. The threats to humanity cannot be solved by governments alone. Good Dividends is for leaders who wish to embrace a purpose-led approach as a better way of doing business for people, the planet and their communities whilst boosting the bottom-line. 

The Good Dividends Business Planning System (GDBPS) goes further than a standard business plan, describing much more than objectives, strategies, sales, marketing and financial forecasts.

GDBPS integrates purpose and the organisation’s link to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into all 6 Good Dividends, all within a purpose-led approach. It provides an action plan and a dashboard to measure progress.

GD Business Planning Tool

GDBPS identifies business value and the link to social impact all within the organisation’s plan.






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