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In 2015 the United Nations agreed on 169 sustainable development targets. These targets are associated with 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The idea is that if humanity achieves these 17 goals – by reaching the associated 169 targets – the world will become a better place with reduced poverty, happier communities and a healthier environment.​

The SDGs were intended for countries to focus on, but research has shown that working towards achieving the SDGs can increase companies’ financial performance.​

Rather than needing to read through all 169 targets, we have created a tool to help you explore the SDGs by themes, helping you choose targets compatible with your company’s mission and purpose. We recommend selecting 4 to 6 SDG targets for your company to pursue.​

​The purpose of the SDG Company Configurator is to help organisations become actively involved with SDGs and to understand which SDGs align with your business so you can measure progress in realising value for humanity and the business.​

​This tool helps an organisation identify which SDGs they can pursue to improve their performance. Additional usage guidance is provided within the tool.

This free-to-use SDG Configurator's purpose is to help organisations become actively involved with SDGs.

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