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Building Skills for Organisational Development

How to develop the organisation to drive business performance is one of the greatest challenges facing leaders yet it offers an amazing opportunity which is why we have created SkillBuild.  

SkillBuild is an organisational development framework for businesses. There are 7 Skill Levels in SkillBuild. Each level corresponds to a level in the organisation and fits with wider adult education and development. The levels range from a junior / apprentice through skilled worker to team leader, manager and ultimately to the senior leadership team.  

At every level there are certain technical skills and personal, team and leadership skills that require developing. These can be captured in specially created Skills Matrices featuring our cutting edge Skill Steps approach with its 5 development steps. 



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How-To … SkillBuild with Skill Steps

Building the skill at each level is key for personal, professional & organisational development and this can be done, in part, through our How-To range of bite-size learning. For every Skill Level we have created How-To guides, tools and techniques that will help a person to develop their leadership, management or teamwork skills to improve their personal and professional development. Every How-To is a skill that can be linked to a Skill Step and sit within a Skills Matrix

Progression and development can be extended further at any level through Skill Bands which can be linked to pay as a basis of a remuneration strategy.

As well as access to the How-To range, QuoLux™ can support leaders to create a SkillBuild framework, Skill Matrices, Skills Bands and Skill Steps for all Skill Levels within an organisation to encourage all employees to improve their performance on a task and to cover absence, develop multi-skilling and assist with progression, promotions and succession planning.

With recruitment so difficult now, retaining staff a challenge and people looking for career progression, it’s vitally important that leaders address the skills issue. This is an area that we have extensive knowledge of and we’d be pleased to help you.

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