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MAD ideas system (Making a Difference)

Ideas management is the strategic process of gathering, assessing, and prioritising ideas suggested by stakeholders or team members. After all, your employees know their jobs better than anyone else. 

Ideas are typically concerned with new ways to meet your customers' needs or improve your products.

Many organisations highly prioritise innovation to stay ahead of the competitive curve and actively seek creative ways to generate exciting initiatives among the team.

MAD Ideas is our client managed system to digitally collect and transform ideas from your employees into continuous improvement actions to improve your business performance. 

Never lose an idea again!

The MAD Ideas system is a tried and tested tool that has been used to generate real and valuable continuous improvement actions that have improved business performance. In addition, employees have been found to feel more engaged in their organisation, with all the benefits that this will generate.

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What Forge Motorsport say about MAD Ideas

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MAD is now available to all and we believe it is a key part of building an engaged organisation – it’s Making A Difference (MAD).
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