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Most businesses face issues of recruiting and retaining staff. With its powerful insights, the annual YourView employee engagement survey allows you to hear the voice of your employees so you can make better decisions and ensure meaningful change in your organisation.

YourView helps you to understand and drive employee engagement.

YourView obtains the views of all employees anonymously. The survey is normally issued to the whole workforce at the same time for completion in 7 to 10 days. Employees score their view on 10 factors that make an effective culture in the world of work and share their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, frustrations, and improvements. The full report explores the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and the workplace. The report focuses attention on the key priorities allowing action to be taken in the areas with greatest impact​.

YourView can be configured to provide data by team, department, site delivering relevant insights from staff across all areas of the organisation. The survey can be branded with your company name and logo sitting beside the QuoLux name for additional credibility and independence. In between, running YourView you can use our PULSE survey to check on the pace of improvements.

We believe the more business leaders understand and drive employee engagement it will transform the workplace delivering step-changes in efficiency, quality, employee morale, commitment and prosperity. Now, that is worth having.

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  • 10%
    of UK employees are actively engaged
  • 21%
    increase in profitability in engaged companies
  • 56%
    of new staff become disengaged in 6 months
George Workman
Managing Director, Cotteswold Dairy

The YourView employee engagement survey is extremely useful and has enabled us to focus on specifics in certain departments.


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