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When engaging with our consulting arm, we help you to meet your organisational development goals and improve the performance of your organisation and individuals/teams within it, whether through company-wide access to our How-To range of resources, or by helping you develop business plans and implement employee engagement. We also provide coaching, mentoring and Non-Executive Director services.

We support senior management teams to create a consistent leadership style and implement values across an organisation.

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    Bespoke Courses and Programs

    Create your own bespoke course or program for your teams with workshops and coaching sessions to be delivered and facilitated in-person, online or a blend of both, with the option of access to our QuoLux™ Online Leadership & Management Centre.

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    Business Planning 

    Develop winning strategies to maximise sales and profits by preparing and using effective strategic planning. Establish the overarching aims of the business, its mission, purpose, vision, financial goals and supporting strategies in the markets that you choose to operate in.

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    Solutions Focused Coaching

    We are experienced and qualified coaches providing 1:1 coaching programs for short-term improved performance and long-term career development. 

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    'How-To' Resources

    Available at any time for anyone, How-To is our extensive e-learning library of bite-size pieces of know-how for you to build an engaged organisation where leaders, managers and colleagues at all levels in your company can access tools, techniques and step-by-step guides whenever they need. 

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    Building a Team Enterprise  

    The way leaders and the key influencer groups behave is the key determinant of organisational culture. We’ll support you to undertake employee surveys, create organisational values and determine the key factors that contribute to a high-performing culture and build a ‘Team Enterprise’.

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    Trusted Advisors & Mentoring  

    Need a sounding board, a trusted advisor or a business mentor? We have decades of experience of running organisations and leading teams. We are skilled at actively listening, asking probing questions and assisting business leaders when they most need support. 

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    Non-Executive Directors & Trustees 

    We are experienced non-executive directors and trustees offering a strategic perspective and independent views at Board level to privately owned businesses and charities.

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