In-Person Programs

Four powerful principles make our in-person programs the ideal choice for business leaders to develop themselves, their teams and their business all in a trusted and confidential environment:

1. Interaction – we build a trusted and confidential community where business people, like you, learn from the facilitators, coaches and their peers - the other business leaders on the program - so that you can improve relationships with others through more effective questioning, coaching and problem solving.

2. Experience – we build on your experience of running your own company or department.

3. Application – you will learn business tools, techniques and approaches that you can immediately apply to you and your business and put into practice. We will support you to connect your everyday working life to relevant ideas, models and frameworks.

4. Motivation to be better leaders – we will assist you to make full use of your talents, capacity and potential so that you can become more self-directed and will be recognised by others to be doing so.

How we can help you and your business

Our in-person leadership and management programs LEAD, GOLD, GAIN™, LEADlight and LEAD+ bring owner-managers, directors and managers together into trusted learning groups. Learning together among peers is powerful; it’s something our clients tell us they value most. For those who want, they can also work towards an MBA in running their own company.

With STRATA, you have our undivided attention; a critical friend in the boardroom, questioning and supporting the leadership team on business planning, strategy and developing the organisation. In Planning2Win learn to gain a better understanding of business planning and strategy to gain a sustainable competitive advantage with active facilitation. Through Good Dividends, we support you to become a purpose-led business with purpose-led leadership.

Coaching and mentoring support is available individually, in small groups or with teams in a confidential space with trained and experienced executive coaches and business mentors. 

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