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Leading Change, Part 4

Leading Change: Part 4

Here we share the final part in our leading change series, and that is the imperative for creating employee engagement.  Employee engagement underscores each of the first three principles that we’ve…

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Leading Change, Leadership Styles

Leading Change, Part 3

Principles for leading change and the importance of adjusting leadership style to suit the circumstance in periods of extreme change or everyday challenges.…

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Leading Change

Leading Change, Part 1

Over the last year, organisations have faced enormous challenges, and the UK is now on course for a double-dip recession for the first time since 1975. The challenge for business leaders therefore at…

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Cotteswold Dairy 9

Leading Change: The Story of Transformational Change in a Family Business

Multi-award winning Cotteswold Dairy is one of the most widely known and recognised family businesses in Gloucestershire.  With its distinctive blue and cream livery vehicles, the company has been…

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Step 5 Sense Of Urgency

Transformation (Step 5): Create a Sense of Urgency

So far we have discussed four of the five critical steps in transforming you and your business on the journey to world-class / high performance / best-in-class, namely:  1. Assessing leadership…

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