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Far-Sighted Vision

The ability of an organisation to attract, develop, and retain exceptional talent can be the determining factor between flourishing and floundering. Research indicates that employee engagement, defined as bringing one's best and full self to work, is not merely a 'nice-to-have' but a critical business imperative.…

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Website Giving Effective Feedback For High Performance

Five Tips for Giving Effective Feedback

It is really important for people to know how they are doing in the workplace and research confirms that performance feedback is one of the best ways to help employees to learn, develop and reach their best potential. However…

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Learning And Development

Improve Performance through Learning & Development

Given the benefits of learning and development for individuals and for organisations, it is not surprising that Google found that their most effective managers actively support their team’s career …

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Team Recogition Smaller

Team Recognition: the Easy Way

A Motivational Leadership Style One of the key constructs behind the QuoLux™ approach to high performance and competitiveness is creating a leadership mindset with motivation at the centre. There is a…

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Power Of Recognition

The Power of Recognition

Keep individual recognition simple Talking to someone recently about keeping up morale and motivation in these disruptive post-Covid times, it struck me just how good we are in business at…

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10 Tips for Next Generation Leaders

Strong, visionary, effective leaders at the helm perform a critical role in the success of any business. But that’s only part of the story; good leaders understand that leadership must happen…

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