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Productivity Week Blog

Top Tips to Improve your Organisation's Productivity

It's National Productivity week in the UK and with a wealth of experience in this area, where could you focus to improve your organisation's productivity? First off, treat your staff as well as you treat your customers.…

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Motivating Employees Blog

How to attract, engage & retain motivated workforce

Whilst some report that the Great Resignation is over, others maintain that employee attrition in 2023 is still a major concern for employers. So what can leaders and managers do to attract and retain people? …

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Chris Butterworth Masterclass 2023 A

How Leaders Can Build a Motivated Team & Improve Performance

Research consistently shows that motivated employees have greater job satisfaction, are more productive and produce a better performance. So how do we motivate people and build …

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Leading Change, Part 4

Leading Change: Part 4

Here we share the final part in our leading change series, and that is the imperative for creating employee engagement.  Employee engagement underscores each of the first three principles that we’ve…

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5 Tips For Sharing Ideas

Five Tips to Encourage your Team to Share their Ideas

A common complaint by business leaders on our programs is that they often feel that too many decisions rest with them or the senior leadership team and that whilst people are often quick to complain,…

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Forge Motorsport Winning The Employee Lottery Blog

Forge Motorsport: Winning the Employee Lottery

In last week’s blog we looked at what leading a motivated workforce means for the business leader, and this week we share an example of how a Gloucestershire based business has recognised the impact…

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Leading A Motivated Workforce

What Would You Do?

Dramatically improve performance or face closure. What would you do? This was the ultimatum facing John Oliver OBE, then Chief Executive of Leyland Trucks and author of ‘Growing your Own Heroes’.…

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CDE Skillbuild Launch Photo Blog

How-To Develop your Employees

Skill development and succession remain a major issue facing employers and it has been suggested that in the next ten years, 50% of jobs will require new skills.  Leaders and managers need to ensure…

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