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Protect Our Planet Demo

Purpose-Led Leadership and World Environment Day

Driving Regenerative Change In an era where environmental concerns are increasingly at the forefront, purpose-led leadership has emerged as a critical approach for organisations aiming to make a…

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Stewart Barnes 1

Gloucestershire Businesses as a Force for Good

This week our blog comes from guest writer Andrew Merrell, founder and lead journalist of The Raikes Journal who reported on our event last week on using Business as a Force for Good. He asked the…

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Static Image Of Front Page Of Impact Report 2023

Driving Purpose-led Leadership and Social Impact in SMEs

As March is B Corp month and it is one year since we ourselves became B Corp certified, joining a global movement for a more inclusive and regenerative economy, we'd like to provide an overview of the impactful strides we made in 2023.…

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6 Coins And Plants

Regenerative Businesses as the Building Blocks for a Regenerative Economy

The ambition to reach net zero limits the scope of what needs to be achieved – such a vision is one of limiting the damage done by business – a hollow purpose at best. An alternative vision would be one in which society enjoys good growth from business: aligned business value and social value. This is the focus of regenerative business.…

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