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6 Coins And Plants

Regenerative Businesses as the Building Blocks for a Regenerative Economy

The ambition to reach net zero limits the scope of what needs to be achieved – such a vision is one of limiting the damage done by business – a hollow purpose at best. An alternative vision would be one in which society enjoys good growth from business: aligned business value and social value. This is the focus of regenerative business.…

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6 Coins And Plants 2Mb (1)


How can business be a force for good in the world?   Every business can press the re-set button.  Voices around the world, young and old, are declaring a climate emergency. School children are…

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Leave No One Behind Germany Protest

Purpose and the 4 P's

Our research and experiences over the last two decades have identified 5 critical transformational activities in becoming a high performance business, allowing companies to forge a path to be one step…

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