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Team Recogition Smaller

Team Recognition: the Easy Way

A Motivational Leadership Style One of the key constructs behind the QuoLux™ approach to high performance and competitiveness is creating a leadership mindset with motivation at the centre. There is a…

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Power Of Recognition

The Power of Recognition

Keep individual recognition simple Talking to someone recently about keeping up morale and motivation in these disruptive post-Covid times, it struck me just how good we are in business at…

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Active Listening (2)

How Listening Can Make You a Better Leader

It is sometimes taken for granted that we know how to listen effectively, although it is not actually a skill that is often taught in school. We may have two ears and most of us can hear well, but…

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Top Tips For Effective Communication Blog

Top Tips for Effective Communication

If you ask anyone in a business what can be improved in their company, usually communication will either come top or it will be high on the list. …

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Strategies to Improve your Leadership

Self aware leaders can understand, use & manage their emotions and those of people around them and use that information to guide their thinking & behaviour…

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Leading Change, Part 4

Leading Change: Part 4

Here we share the final part in our leading change series, and that is the imperative for creating employee engagement.  Employee engagement underscores each of the first three principles that we’ve…

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Leading Change, Leadership Styles

Leading Change, Part 3

Principles for leading change and the importance of adjusting leadership style to suit the circumstance in periods of extreme change or everyday challenges.…

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Change Curve Rollercoaster

Leading Change: Part 2

What makes an effective leader? This month we are considering four guiding principles for leading change and this week we’re discussing the second principle; supporting people through the Change…

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