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Purpose-Led Leadership and World Environment Day

Driving Regenerative Change

In an era where environmental concerns are increasingly at the forefront, purpose-led leadership has emerged as a critical approach for organisations aiming to make a positive impact. As we celebrate World Environment Day, it's an opportune moment to reflect on the role of leaders in driving regenerative change and aligning business operations with broader societal and environmental goals.


What is Purpose-Led Leadership?

Purpose-led leadership focuses on aligning an organisation’s mission with societal and environmental objectives. This approach prioritises long-term impact over short-term profits, embedding regenerative and ethical practices into the core of business operations. Leaders who adopt this mindset are committed to creating a positive legacy, not just for their organisation but for the world at large.


Commitment to Environmental Regeneration

One of the hallmarks of purpose-led leadership is a strong commitment to environmental regeneration. These leaders understand that regenerative practices are not only beneficial for the planet but also for the longevity and reputation of their organisations. Implementing strategies to reduce carbon footprints, promoting renewable energy, and encouraging responsible resource management are all critical components of this commitment.




World Environment Day

World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5th each year, provides a global platform to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues. It’s a day to reflect, take action, and inspire others to do the same. For purpose-led leaders, this day is a significant reminder of their role in aligning their organisation's goals with the themes of World Environment Day and fostering environmental responsibility within their organisations and beyond - to inspire and mobilise their teams and stakeholders to contribute to a regenerative future.


Good Dividends: A Framework for Positive Impact

The term "Good Dividends" refers to the positive returns generated through responsible business practices. These returns are not solely financial but also encompass social and environmental benefits. By integrating regenerative principles into their core strategies, companies can create value for their shareholders, customers, employees, and the broader community. The idea is to move beyond traditional profit-driven models and adopt a more holistic approach that considers the long-term impacts of business activities.


The six dividends


By adopting the Good Dividends framework, leaders can measure and enhance their organisation’s positive impact on the environment, ensuring that their efforts lead to tangible, long-lasting benefits.

Professor Steve Kempster, a renowned expert in purpose-led leadership and Good Dividends, and a revered Masterclass speaker on the QuoLux™ LEAD™, GOLD™ and GAIN™ programs, emphasises the profound responsibility that purpose-led leaders hold in shaping a regenerative future. He advocates for leadership that transcends traditional business metrics, focusing instead on creating a meaningful and lasting impact on society and the environment. Kempster believes that leaders must cultivate a deep sense of purpose, driving their organisations to adopt practices that go beyond just mitigating environmental harm to actively contribute positively to the planet. By championing ethical leadership and fostering a culture of responsibility, purpose-led leaders can inspire widespread change and lead the charge towards a more regenerative and equitable world.


Sustainability World Cup 2024: A Showcase of Sustainable Efforts

Adding to the momentum of global regeneration efforts, the first-ever Sustainability World Cup 2024 was held this year. QuoLux™ partnered with award-winning Brazilian company, Grupo Salvar, to form one of the ten teams. This unique event brought together businesses, organisations, and thought-leaders from around the world to compete against each other through gamification on sustainability and how to grow a business more sustainably.

The Sustainability World Cup aims to inspire and reward those who are making significant strides in environmental stewardship, from reducing carbon footprints to pioneering circular economy models. By spotlighting these trailblazers, the event seeks to accelerate the adoption of best practices across industries, fostering a competitive yet collaborative spirit in the quest for a regenerative future.


The 'Curupira' team members, L-R Rachael Ramos, Director, QuoLux™; Keeley Witts, Head of Operations, QuoLux™; and Jacqui Pires, Director, Salvar Industries & Services


A Call to Action

As we celebrate World Environment Day, we encourage leaders to take concrete steps towards regeneration. This can include setting ambitious environmental goals, investing in green technologies, and collaborating with other organisations to amplify their impact. By doing so, leaders not only contribute to a healthier planet but also position their organisations as forward-thinking and socially responsible:

Business as a force for good™.


Purpose-led leadership and World Environment Day are intrinsically linked by a shared commitment to fostering a regenerative future. By embracing the principles of purpose-led leadership, organisations can play a pivotal role in driving environmental change and inspiring others to join the movement. This World Environment Day, let’s commit to making a positive impact and leading the way towards a more regenerative world.



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