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Tree Forest Drought

What if you could change the world?

Picture this: a world where catastrophic droughts, rising sea levels, and mass migrations reshape our planet's landscape. It may sound like a scene from a dystopian novel, but according to Professor Steve Kempster, this could be our impending reality.…

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Malcolm At Masterclass

The Real Role of Marketing

This month, our LEAD™ program delegates were treated to a Masterclass on world-class marketing by Professor Malcolm McDonald – a world authority on strategic planning and marketing.  As well as being…

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Show Me The Money Blog

Show Me the Money: Market Segmentation

“I’d like to explain how a winning marketing strategy will make you richer."  Having published over 50 books, sold more than half a million copies, and worked with directors in hundreds of companies,…

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Think Small

Innovation Strategy: Leader's Perspective

In last week's blog we asked you How Important is Innovation to your Business Strategy? We also asked what innovation looks like within your organisation and who is involved. Having read what…

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Stewart Barnes 1

Gloucestershire Businesses as a Force for Good

This week our blog comes from guest writer Andrew Merrell, founder and lead journalist of The Raikes Journal who reported on our event last week on using Business as a Force for Good. He asked the…

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Static Image Of Front Page Of Impact Report 2023

Driving Purpose-led Leadership and Social Impact in SMEs

As March is B Corp month and it is one year since we ourselves became B Corp certified, joining a global movement for a more inclusive and regenerative economy, we'd like to provide an overview of the impactful strides we made in 2023.…

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Women's Day Montage 2024

Recognising and Celebrating Women in Leadership

Recognising and celebrating the achievements of women in leadership roles across different sectors is essential. The visibility of women in leadership roles can inspire and empower future generations of women leaders. …

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Blog 27.02.2024

How To Have an Effective One to One Meeting

As leaders we know that building trust in the workplace is essential for developing rapport, building relationships and improving teamwork and performance. And a key tool for building trust is…

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