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The Benefits of Work-Based Learning

‘Every day’s a school day’ the saying goes. And, where are most people every day? At work, and the workplace is a treasure trove of potential learning and continuous improvement if we stop and think about our work. This is where leaders have an important role to play … encouraging work-based learning.

Learning to lead is a process of ‘transforming’ for the individual as leader, and for those around them, which spans a business-lifetime.

Context is king. You only have to listen to the owner-managers who have participated in intensive leadership development programs to understand that it’s the application of ideas, theories, experience and knowledge within their own firms where the ‘learning’ becomes real.

An increasing number of leaders are choosing to add an extra dimension to their learning; one that views ‘real life’ learning through an academic lens, known as ‘work-based learning’.

The whole case for work-based learning is founded on an acknowledgement that what you’ve learned at work is comparable in difficulty to university-level learning.

It’s deep and multi-faceted, encompassing layer upon layer of the many complex and nuanced aspects of running an organisation. Work-based learning as a mode of study is a way of helping you to demonstrate that equivalence, but without the need to sit any exams, or have any prior qualifications.

But more than that, the really big benefit is that it offers a ‘critical thinking’ framework that can bring added depth to the learning that happens in the workplace.

That’s a view shared by Dan Hodgson, Chief Commercial Officer at Gloucester-based Prima Dental, who achieved his MBA last year:

“The practical approach from the QuoLux™ programs and the immediate applied learning from those is more appropriate to me, my business and the development of both me and my business than traditional and executive taught MBA programs.”

Simon Kershaw, founder of SK Heating & Cooling who also achieved his MBA in 2021, adds:

“My MBA embedded a deeper purposeful focus for the business and challenged myself to achieve such a great award.”

Emma Griffiths, CEO of Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum shared the following after her graduation last week:

“I’ve been really fortunate to have had some great managers, leaders and mentors along the way. Coupled with access to adult education, a work-based learning mode of study, and a few key people who have inspired belief and hey presto, I’ve got an MBA. Thank you QuoLux™ for the exceptional quality learning experience and of course to the amazing community of peers gathered along the way.”

Work-based learning is all about being an independent learner, critical thinker and reflective practitioner. Sound familiar? We’d argue these are also the hallmarks of an effective leader. It’s a perfect fit.

The beauty of the work-based learning MBA, uniquely designed around our LEAD™- GOLD™-GAIN™ programs, is that each learner chooses to apply their studies to real projects that are going to add value to their business. They choose the focus that’s driven by an imperative they’re dealing with at that time. They’re in control.

Achieving an MBA isn’t easy! It requires detailed and deliberate enquiry, making space and time to think about complex and important issues.

But there’s a whole world of insight, research and theories at your fingertips, with the guidance of experienced tutors thanks to our partnership with the University of Gloucestershire, that might just unlock a different way of seeing the challenges in your own organisation.

With the University of Gloucestershire's graduation ceremony last week, we offer our huge Congratulations to our newest MBA graduates, pictured above at their ceremony (l-r):

Emma Griffiths, CEO, Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum

Louise Williams, Regional Fundraising & Business Development Manager, The Nelson Trust

Don Robins, Managing Director, Printwaste Recycling & Shredding

And more Congratulations to the 12 graduates who achieved their Postgraduate Certificates after completing their LEAD™ program and demonstrating their learning and development from it:



(L-R, top-bottom)

Ryan Speck, Business & Manufacturing Operations Manager, Forge Motorsport

Cordell Ray MBE, CEO, Caring for Communities and People

Anna Herbert, Marketing Director, Hobbs House Bakery 

Zac Miles, Business Development Manager, Forge Motorsport

Victoria Petkovic-Short, Director, apt marketing & pr

Luke Drew, Managing Director, Cosgrove & Drew Engineering Services Ltd

Warren Thomas, CEO, Gloucestershire Engineering Training

Zac Cosgrove, Managing Director, Cosgrove & Drew Engineering Services Ltd

Charles Taylor, Managing Director, Taylor and Taylor Care

Gareth Edwards, COO, Caring for Communities and People

Andy Barham, Managing Director, Premiere Kitchens

Jenny Howard, Office Manager Printwaste Recycling & Shredding


And even more Congratulations to our Postgraduate Diploma recipients, who achieved this 2nd step towards the MBA from evidencing their learning and development from our business strategy program, GOLD™:




Ellen Edwards, Head of Finance, Gloucestershire Counselling Services

Pete Miles, Managing Director, Forge Motorsport

Mark Stewart, CEO, Stewart Golf


All of you Inspire Belief! 🎓


If you'd like to find out more about achieving your MBA through leading your department or organisation, you can read more here. The first step is by joining our LEAD™ program.

Our next Cohort starts in April 2023 so if you'd like join it or understand more about it, please get in touch here.



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