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Successful Delegation Blog 1

Effective Delegation: Empower Your Team and Free Your Time

On our leadership programs, a frequent concern raised by delegates is that they feel they are spending too much time working ‘in the business’. They are not alone.According to McKinsey, many…

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Leader As Coach Blog (1)

Elevating Leadership: The Power of Coaching for Senior Managers and Executives

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, the role of senior managers and leaders is more crucial than ever. They are the navigators steering their organisations through the…

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Financial Blog July 2024

The Financial Backbone: Enhancing Business Decisions for Success

In today's dynamic business environment, making effective decisions is crucial for sustaining growth and ensuring long-term success. At the heart of this process lies the financial role, which…

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EI Blog (1)

The Cost of Workplace Conflict and the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Workplace conflict is a significant issue, costing the UK economy an estimated £28.5 billion annually, with nearly half a million employees resigning each year due to unresolved conflicts (Acas,…

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Hobbs House Bakery - the rise and rise of B Corp and their business

As a young man expected to join the family bakery business George Herbert (pictured above, fifth from the right) did anything but, and only after university, travelling, and eight years in the…

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The Giants at Gold Beach, British Normandy Memorial

Honouring the Giants: Lord Lovat and the Heroes of D-Day

Lord Lovat was one of the first ever British Commandos, and led his brigade ashore on D-Day, 1944.Known as Shimi—a nickname bestowed upon him by Winston Churchill, who once remarked, “He was the most…

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Protect Our Planet Demo

Purpose-Led Leadership and World Environment Day

Driving Regenerative Change In an era where environmental concerns are increasingly at the forefront, purpose-led leadership has emerged as a critical approach for organisations aiming to make a…

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240523 QUO 106

Transforming Teams: a New Era of Leadership Development

Six years ago, QuoLux™ launched an exciting new program called LEADlight, designed specifically for middle and junior leaders. Available exclusively to organisations that have already experienced the…

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