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As March is B Corp month and it is one year since we ourselves became B Corp certified, joining a global movement for a more inclusive and regenerative economy, we'd like to provide an overview of the impactful strides we made in 2023.

Our primary focus has been to advance purpose-led leadership among small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), leading to significant achievements and recognition.


Becoming B Corp Certified

A momentous achievement for us in 2023 was obtaining B Corp Certification, aligning ourselves with a global community dedicated to fostering an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. This certification underscores our commitment to making a positive impact and furthering purpose-led leadership.




Inspiring Words from Our Community

At a recent Q+ meeting with our program Alumni, Gary Smith, Founder and Director of Optimising IT, shared his pride in our work, highlighting the quality and pedigree of businesses associated with QuoLux™, “Being a B Corp is what QuoLux™ does: encouraging you to be good to your people, your clients, your supply chain, your community and the planet.”

Additionally, Cordell Ray MBE, CEO of Caring for Communities and People (CCP), lauded our impact, emphasising the transformative effect we have had on businesses, “Looking at the pedigree and quality of the businesses who work with QuoLux™ speaks volumes about the company – undeniable and awesome to be amongst!”


Emphasising Positive Impact Through Stories

Gary and Cordell's comments have inspired us to showcase more stories of positive impact in our report. We believe that the true measure of our success lies in the workplace and community transformations driven by purpose-led leadership.


Leadership Trilogy and MBA (Leading Business)

Our trilogy of programs, LEAD™, GOLD™, and GAIN™, remains popular, with almost 500 participants benefiting from our leadership development initiatives. We are honoured to have played a role in transforming individuals, teams, and organisations over the past decade, with many graduates achieving notable success.

We take pride in our practical leadership, strategy, and innovation programs, boasting significant achievements over the past decade. A notable 50% of LEAD™ participants pursue further accreditation and obtained a Postgraduate Certificate, while over 80% of those in the GOLD™ and GAIN™ programs advanced to a Diploma and an MBA. As a pioneer in work-based learning, we have proven that business learning can be as rigorous as academic study, yet far more practical. In recognition of the programs' strength and quality, graduates can now proceed directly to the final MBA project stage at the University of Gloucestershire. This milestone not only highlights the programs' excellence but also honours the pioneering learners of this innovative educational approach.


Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and MBA students at their graduation ceremonies


Advancing Purpose-led Leadership

In collaboration with Professor Steve Kempster, we integrated purpose-led leadership and Good Dividends into our flagship programs, LEAD™, GOLD™, and GAIN™. This integration aims to cultivate leaders who inspire positive change in their organisations and communities.


 Six Good Dividends of a regenerative business creating social impact and business value


Good Dividends and Regenerative Business

Our focus on Good Dividends and regenerative business practices aims to go beyond sustainability and actively contribute to society's well-being. We are proud to see a growing number of our clients embracing this approach, emphasising 'doing more good' rather than just 'doing less harm.'

We launched three innovative Good Dividends DigiTools on our website, developed in collaboration with Professor Kempster. These tools, aimed at fostering purpose-led leadership in businesses, have already benefited over 100 business leaders across various organisations.

In partnership with the Purposeful Leadership Project, the tools were showcased at the Business for Good Summit in Amsterdam. Furthermore, we initiated a pioneering program named Good Growth with Lancaster University Management School, targeting SME leaders to integrate these tools into their businesses under Professor Kempster’s guidance and facilitation.

The concept of "communityship" is emphasised as a deeper commitment to community growth and development, reflecting our ongoing support for charities and skill accelerators, demonstrating a significant impact on community and organisational leadership.


Developing Middle Leaders

The impact of our management program for middle leaders, LEADlight, has also been profound, with a surge in junior and middle managers joining the program to spearhead impactful workplace projects.

Participants from diverse sectors such as manufacturing, construction, charity, engineering, and the care sector undergo intensive training to enhance their skills, team performance, and readiness for senior management roles.

The program culminates in a work-based project where delegates tackle employee engagement challenges, presenting their findings and recommendations. Notable projects include creating learning environments, improving meetings, developing recognition frameworks, and more.

Participants like Sophie Pegler from Premiere Kitchens and Ryan Behan from SK Refrigeration Heating and Cooling praise LEADlight for its transformative impact on their leadership and personal growth. 

"I cannot recommend LEADlight enough as I have learnt so much to help me grow as a leader and as an individual," said Sophie.

"A brilliant course which really helped me to look at things differently and has helped me to develop as a leader. I am sure I will continue to use what I have learnt throughout my career," Ryan shared.

The program's emphasis on presenting to senior business leaders prepares delegates for future leadership roles. 


Spotlighting Client Success

In our full Positive Impact report for 2023 we are delighted to share stories of client success, such as the transformation of Warren Canicon at Taylor & Taylor Care, and Camella Cephas's leadership journey at WSP Solicitors, just to name two of the many. These stories exemplify the profound impact our programs have on individuals and organisations.


Feedback from Camella Cephas on the 8-month bespoke program we created for WSP Solicitors


Continuous Development Model

In 2023, we simplified our communication into the Continuous Development model, focusing on developing individuals, teams, and organisations. This model highlights how QuoLux™ supports holistic development at every level across an organisation.




Addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our work aligns with several SDGs, including quality education (SDG 4), decent work and economic growth (SDG 8), innovation (SDG 9), sustainable production and consumption (SDG 12), and partnerships for the goals (SDG 17). We are committed to advancing these goals through our programs and initiatives, and talk about each one in more detail in our full Positive Impact report for 2023.



DigiTools and How-To Range

Over the past year, significant innovations we have made in digital learning and tools, particularly our How-To and DigiTools ranges, have made substantial impacts across various organisations. How-To digital assets, championed by leaders at Creed Foodservice and MF Freeman have empowered over 100 of their employees with practical tools and techniques for real-time application in their roles. This initiative has led to notable improvements in employee confidence in their leadership, as evidenced by Creed Foodservice's results in a 'Best Companies' survey.

The tailored leadership programs, including regular review sessions with us, have been pivotal for manager and leader development. The positive feedback from participants highlights the transformative effect of integrating e-learning with reflective practice on management capabilities.

The SkillBuild framework, integral to the How-To range, outlines a structured development path across seven skill levels, aligning with company and educational standards. It offers a comprehensive suite of digital assets for professional growth at any stage, further demonstrated by Cosgrove & Drew and CCP, who have aligned their organisational structures and compensation models with SkillBuild levels.

Building skills for organisational development


DigiTools, another major innovation of ours, provides accessible, web-based tools for in-depth organisational insights. These tools are adaptable, mobile-friendly, and designed for easy access, significantly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of organisational analysis and development. Together, How-To and DigiTools exemplify how tailored digital solutions can meet diverse organisational needs, driving significant advancements in professional and leadership development. We will be talking about our range of DigiTools in our blog over the coming weeks, so make sure you sign up below to get it delivered straight to your inbox every Tuesday.


Looking Ahead

As we celebrate more than a decade of delivering the LEAD™ program and continuing working with many of our clients, we remain committed to our mission of supporting leaders to be the best they can be. We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing our journey of inspiring belief and positive change.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a more purposeful and impactful future.


If you’d like to download our full Positive Impact report for 2023 and read what our clients have been achieving, please click here.




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