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Transforming Teams: a New Era of Leadership Development

Six years ago, QuoLux™ launched an exciting new program called LEADlight, designed specifically for middle and junior leaders. Available exclusively to organisations that have already experienced the benefits of the LEAD™ program, LEADlight aims to further enhance leadership and management capabilities within these companies.


Empowering Middle Leaders for Organisational Success - the Genesis of LEADlight

Entrepreneurial flexibility is a core value at QuoLux™, driving our commitment to adapt and deliver effective programs tailored to our clients' needs. When some LEAD™ alumni shared their struggles in implementing their learnings due to a lack of understanding or buy-in from their wider organisations, we listened. The solution became clear: to support these middle leaders in aligning with the broader organisational goals, creating a common language of leadership.

By empowering middle leaders - those below the board and senior management teams -  organisational change can be accelerated and delivers tangible benefits to both LEAD™ alumni businesses and individual participants. Thus, LEADlight was born.


The LEADlight Program

LEADlight is a six-month program that emphasises learning by doing. Participants engage in five main elements:

  • Workshops: Interactive sessions to build foundational leadership skills.
  • Think Tanks: Collaborative discussions to tackle real-world challenges.
  • Action Learning: Hands-on projects to apply leadership concepts.
  • Action Planning Challenge: Developing strategic action plans for immediate implementation.
  • Final Presentation: Presenting outcomes to a leadership panel of LEAD alumni.


Success Stories

The benefits of LEADlight are evident. Participants show significant growth in confidence, supported by the powerful network the course fosters. The peer support, mentorship, and encouragement within the group are enriching for all involved.

Justin Young, Operations Director at Tewkesbury-based Cotteswold Dairy, has enrolled one or two team members on every Cohort since LEADlight began to support business growth. Justin reflects, “Cotteswold Dairy is committed to employee professional development and LEADlight has provided our management team with the knowledge, tools, frameworks and vocabulary to make more strategic decisions with a greater depth of business knowledge and management practice. The program continues to make a positive impact to the business.”



Depot Manager at Cheltenham, Fred Tandy, explained, “LEADlight has highlighted who I am and what I need to do to be a better leader, which will make our depot at Cheltenham a better place to work.”



Chloe Chapman, Depot Manager in North Wales, added, “LEADlight is more than a course; it is life-changing and my business in thriving thanks to the practices I have put in place. I am now far more confident in my leadership.”



Tom Packer, Senior Project Manager at Snape Contracting, also shared his experience from joining Cohort 3 of LEADlight, “Through the LEADlight program I gained a toolbox of techniques that I can draw on to help me to get the best out of my team. Discussing real-life business issues with the rest of my cohort also allowed me to recognise that I was not alone and that others were facing similar challenges. As a result I have more confidence as a leader and I would strongly recommend the program to any current or aspiring managers."



The Broader Impact of LEADlight

Participants not only develop their leadership skills but also gain a deeper understanding of their own leadership styles and how they impact their organisations. They leave the program with valuable tools to apply back in the workplace.

From an organisational perspective, the benefits of developing competent managers cannot be overstated. Poor management is the top reason people leave their jobs, leading to costly recruitment, high sickness absence, low employee engagement, and reduced productivity. Leaders owe it to their teams to invest in developing effective managers.

Sharing LEAD™ learning across the organisation enhances overall success. Nigel Frost, Supply Chain Manager at Highgrove Enterprises, noticed a positive change in Jamie Ludlow, a warehouse manager who joined the first LEADlight Cohort. “Jamie has been motivated by exposure to other businesses. He is now enthusiastic about his experience and has a much better insight into how decisions impact the wider business. By Jamie attending the LEADlight program, it has enhanced my discussions with him about my own LEAD™ experiences because he can relate to his own experiences rather than just accepting what I am telling him.”


Final Presentation Day

The final presentations are a standout feature of the LEADlight program, serving as both a culmination of learning and a springboard for future growth.

In these presentations, the delegates present their findings of their research projects they carry out within their own organisation, presenting to a leadership panel made up of senior managers and directors of their companies, who are LEAD™ alumni. Through this they are also able to showcase their journey and the insights they've gained.

This exercise not only reinforces their newfound skills but also provides an invaluable opportunity for feedback from seasoned leaders. The process fosters a sense of accomplishment and confidence, as participants articulate their leadership development and strategic action plans. By presenting to a discerning audience, they solidify their learnings and demonstrate their readiness to take on greater responsibilities within their organisations. This capstone event exemplifies the practical, hands-on approach of LEADlight, ensuring that each delegate leaves the program well-equipped to drive positive change.

Here is LEADlight Cohort 8 who had their final presentation day last week and officially graduated from their program.


(L-R) Joao Carlos Gloria, Cotteswold Dairy Ltd; Erica Phelpstead, Gloucestershire Engineering Training; Mark Sands, Leeways Packaging Services Ltd; Sarah Bell, Nutrition X – NX; Nick Anthony, Caring for Communities and People; Jack Mustoe, MF Freeman Group; Victoria Godding, Premiere Kitchens; Dan Hernon, Gloucestershire Engineering Training


And here is the leadership panel for the presentations, senior managers and leaders from LEAD™ alumni companies.


(L-R) Claire Spender, Gloucestershire Engineering Training (GET); Louise Woodward, Cotteswold Dairy; Daniel Chun, Caring for Communities and People (CCP); Anthony Marshall, Leeways Packaging; Les Jones, GET; Dr Stewart Barnes, QuoLux™, Cordell Ray, CCP; James Markey, Nutrition X; Ben James, Cotteswold Dairy; Terry Dixon, MF Freeman; Ian Tandy, MF Freeman


For more information on joining the next cohort of LEADlight, starting this autumn, contact Jo Draper at 07825 162685 or email jo.draper@quolux.co.uk



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